Black Crowes "Hard to Handle" (rough organ)

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Black Crowes "Hard to Handle" (rough organ)

Postby theover » Thu Apr 25, 2013 10:40 am

Here's an example of the download, recorded the same as I described in Fats Domino's "Blueberry Hill": 256kbps mp3 stereo 44.1 88sec

I play a bit like a blues, I know how to "nail" the song, but the demo is just an idea of a strong blues organ (which I cannot find in the entire PC3), very little drawbar change and volume control is needed to "get" the Black Crowes fill in organ chops quite right enough.


1) The organ sounds are volume controlled by the Mod Wheel, so open the mod wheel to about 3/4 for a rock volume
2) chorus tremolo leslie control is with the SWitch
3) It may well be this sound only reaches it's potential on OS 2.21
4) The drawbars all work, but the nominal settings are to not comletely pull the stops (because in most cases that won't sound nice), so draw them out a bit and control the amps volume with the modwheel for a variety of mild and bad distorted harmonic sounds!
5) The latest of my sound are made with neutral amplification in mind. That means they're warm, and loudness and reverberation prepared, so be carefull with your small speakers, these sounds aren't much like the ROM sounds. Luckily, contrary to many previous OS "scream" sounds, my approach will much more likely blow up your sound system than your ears!

Have fun with the hard-blues, and think about there's 16 effect units used here, so the LE will not get this sound right.

Theo V.
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